NOVEMBER 19th - 22th

How do I get to NEOM?

Race start and finish location – Titan Mountain Camp

The Titan Mountain Camp is located in a remote and idyllic location in the middle of a breathtaking canyon in the NEOM region. This camp will be the race’s headquarters.

All participants must be there on November 18th when the check-in begins.

The last stage will finish at the same place on November 22nd.

The camp will be located in the surroundings of the village of Bajdah.


Sunday November 17th – Charter Flight Arrival

Monday November 18th – Check-in and initial briefing

Tuesday November 19th – Stage 1

Wednesday November 20th – Stage 2

Thursday November 21st – Stage 3

Friday November 22nd – Stage 4. Closing Ceremony

Saturday November 23rd – Charter Flight Departure

Charter flight

The organization charters a flight from Barcelona to Tabuk with departure on November 17th and return on November 23rd. This flight is contracted at the time of registration and includes the transport of the bike.

Arriving on my own

The closest airport to Titan Mountain Camp is Tabuk airport located approximately one hour from Titan Mountain Camp.

Another nearby airport is NEOM airport located 130 kilometers from the camp.

Transfers from airports

Transfers can be arranged from the organization from the different airports mentioned in the previous point.

If you need more info please contact us at info@titandesertksa.com

Arriving by car

The Titan Mountain Camp is located in the surroundings of Bajdah. In this Titan Mountain Camp there will be a parking lot for those who come by car can leave it parked.