NOVEMBER 19th - 22th

The ŠKODA Adventure classification is designed for people who seek an even more epic test, with fewer comforts, more autonomy and more self-sufficiency.

If you can identify with these words, YOU ARE A ŠKODA ADVENTURE.

The ŠKODA Adventure classification is designed for people who seek an even more epic test, with fewer
comforts, more autonomy and more self-sufficiency.

If you can identify with these words, YOU ARE A ŠKODA ADVENTURE.

The features of this category are:

  • Limited space: Every Adventure competitor will be given a metal box measuring 37 cm wide x 29 cm high x 53 cm long to hold all the material required for 6 days of racing (clothes, spares, toiletries, sleeping bag, etc.). This box will be the only one transported from camp to camp (except in the Marathon Stage). No additional luggage will be transported.
  • Space: Adventures will have their own areas:
    • Rest area: These are in a common tent, like the one in the Marathon Stage, with no separation, no mattresses, no blankets or towels, etc.      
    • Repairs area: A space will be provided with basic repair material.
  • Assistance: The assistance that Adventures can receive is limited.
    • They will not have:
      • Mechanical assistance: No parts of help from people.
      • Physiotherapy: Not available.
    • They CAN receive assistance from:
      • Any other rider in the race: if this assistance is not in the form of spare parts
      • Any other Adventure:  both inside or outside the race, even if it a case of handing over of spare parts.
  • Marking of parts: To ensure compliance with the regulations, the marking of the following parts will be
    done on the day of scrutineering:
    • Connecting rods
    • Tyres
    • Stem/handlebars
    • Gears
    • Pedals
    • Spares
  • Limitation of the number of entrants
    • This category is limited to 60 participants.
  • Coordinator
    An online meeting will be held a few days before the event with all the people in the category, to go
    over the details of it with the aim of clarifying any possible doubts.
    For any queries about the category, send an email to jose.codoner@rpmsports.es

Self-sufficiency, autonomy, epic, part of an authentic experience.

Rules for the ŠKODA Adventure


The creation of this classification aims to evoke the most adventurous spirit of the ŠKODA Titan Desert and the values it promotes. These should be shared and observed by all the participants, and they are: honesty, fair play, adventure, self-sufficiency and camaraderie.


Any kind of assistance from anyone outside the classification is forbidden.

  • No material from support services and/or competitors outside the ŠKODA Adventure classification can be accepted.
  • Help from people outside the ŠKODA Adventure classification is forbidden.
  • No external physiotherapy/muscle recovery services may be used.

The exceptions to this rule, i.e. the cases when assistance can be obtained, are:

  • During the race, by any competitor outside the classification, provided that the assistance does not involve the handing over/lending of any bike components.
  • Personal assistance and the lending of spare parts is only allowed among members of the Adventure classification.


The participants in this classification will have separate areas reserved for them that are not shared by the other participants in the race.

  • Haimas (tents): Every night, ŠKODA Adventure competitors will sleep in a shared tent that is reserved exclusively for them. The only exception is the Marathon Stage, when all competitors in the race will share a common tent.
  • Adventure Space: There will be a special working area for Adventure competitors with tools and material for repairs and general maintenance of the bicycles.


The members of this classification will be provided with a personalised metal case (Width 37 cm; Height 29 cm; Length 53 cm) upon their arrival in Morocco.

This will be the only item that will be transported from bivouac to bivouac. Therefore, all the material you need during the race days should either be packed inside this case or carried by the rider during the stages on his/her own bicycle, backpack, etc.

The case that the competitor takes to the start will be returned at the end of each stage.

The Organisation will not provide any material for overnight stays and/or toiletries for members of this classification, with the exception of the Marathon Stage, when they will be given the same items as the others: flip-flops and towel.

Restricted capacity

This classification will be restricted to 60 people, by strict order of registration. If the 60 places are filled a waiting list will be created, and the people on this list will be contacted if a registered entrant is unable to take part.

The opening of registration for the ŠKODA Adventure classification coincides with the general opening of registration for the race. As indicated above, it will be closed when the quota of 60 participants is reached, or at 1 April.


The members of this classification will be identified as follows:

  • Wristband
  • Identification badge. The bibs of this classification will be correlative from the last assigned bib number. 


For the supervision, monitoring and compliance of the rules, some exclusive technical checks will be made on the same day as the administrative checks for this classification. In these checks, the following will be marked:

  • Connecting rods.
  • Tyres
  • Stem/handlebars
  • Gears
  • Pedals
  • Spare parts

This ensures that the restrictions on material will be observed.

Coordination personnel

The Organization will provide a person to attend to the participants in this classification. Both before and during the event he/she will accompany and assist all the Adventure competitors.


In the event of quitting and/or being disqualified from the ŠKODA Adventure classification, the participant will continue to have the same restrictions of space and material transport but will not appear in the ŠKODA Adventure classification. He/she will join the individual classification.


In the event of receiving any assistance or any non-compliance with the rules stated here, the participant will be sanctioned with exclusion from the ŠKODA Adventure classification. He/she will join the individual classification with a time penalty of 5 hours.

The general rules of the race and the associated sanctions will still be applicable.

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