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Why choose the NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia?

The Titan is life, the rest is just a pause

A life-changing experience

The NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia is much more than an MTB race. It is four days of adventure, with constant sporting and personal challenges. A unique experience in which you will test your limits on the bike and share experiences with the rest of the Titans camp.

Exclusive camps

Although the camps are always one of the great attractions of all the Titan World Series races, there is nothing like the camps of the NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia. Spectacular locations that are more comfortable than any other camp in a similar race. Whether it’s at the NEOM Beach Games headquarters or the race camp, you’ll be amazed by the spaces.

Just enjoy

Once you arrive at the start, all you have to worry about is living the adventure at its fullest. The registration fee includes accommodation, meals and all the safety and race elements you need to think of nothing but yourself and your bike.


NEOM will surprise you with its variety of landscapes. Ride along the Red Sea, between the stone canyons or through the dunes and palm groves of the area. A contrast of terrain for cycling and landscapes that will leave you speechless. NEOM is an area to be discovered and a spectacle you can’t even imagine.

At the heart of the NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia

All the latest news about the NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia

Get to know the latest news about the NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia and don’t miss out on what’s happening in and around the race.


Nearly 300 kilometres of desert, 2,000 metres of cumulative elevation gain, canyons, dry rivers and mountains. After three stages of the NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia, the only way to decide who leads the men’s GC is by the rules. And there, the tie-break criterion determines that Haimar Zubeldia will wear the red jersey tomorrow. Because Enrique Morcillo and Zubeldia […]

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Ródenas triumphs at NEOM

Ariadna Ródenas knew she was up against the biggest challenge she has ever faced in a Titan World Series event. She won the Škoda Titan Desert Morocco 2021 and is the reigning champion of the NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia. This time, the challenge was to beat Tessa Kortekaas, the cyclist who had won 9 of the […]

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