NOVEMBER 19th - 22th

Logistics information

How does my bike travel to NEOM?

There are two options to transport your bicycle, the first is to check it in on the organization’s charter flight and the other is to take the bicycle to the exit by yourself.

In the event that you decide to transport your bicycle on the charter flight, each participant must check in their bicycle, being responsible for its correct packaging, as well as ensuring that the contents of the box comply with the regulations for transporting air freight.

How do you travel to NEOM?

There are two ways to travel to Saudi Arabia: by your own means or with the charter flight offered by the organization.

We offer a charter flight for sale from Barcelona to Neom, the price of which is not included in the registration fee. The flight departs on Sunday morning, November 17th, and returns on Saturday, November 23rd.

Upon arrival of the flight, the organization provides the transportation service from the airport to the camp, and the same at the end of the race.

How and where do you sleep?

The participants sleep in camps that the organization builds in the location of the arrival of each stage, these are like large nomadic cities with all the necessary services, restaurant, dining room, bathrooms, showers, beds, etc.

Each participant sleeps in a haima, shared with two other companions and equipped with a mattress, sheets, blankets and pillows.

In the haima there will also be a daily towel for the shower and plugs to charge electronic devices.

People of different sexes will not be allowed to sleep in the same haima.

How do I transfer my luggage to NEOM?

The transport of your luggage to and from NEOM depends on how you decide to travel on departure. If you decide to do it on your own, the luggage must go with you, on the contrary, if you decide to travel with the organization’s plane, one piece of maximum 15kg is allowed to check in, as well as a bag in the cabin with the regulatory measures and a maximum weight of 5 kg.

How do I transport my luggage in the race?

The luggage is transferred from camp to camp by the organization and only 1 bag per participant can be transported.

How to recharge electronic devices?

In the tents there will be electric current to charge the devices.

Can we communicate with the outside?

Many areas where the camps are located have telephone coverage. Even so, it may happen that in some areas or camps it is impossible to find mobile coverage.

How do support services work?

The organization offers the assistance service (mechanics or physiotherapy) to participants through professional companies that will offer these services in the camps.

If you wish to contract this service, you must request it by logging into the participant’s area.

Can I bring food?

The organization includes in the inscription all the meals in the camps (breakfast, lunch and dinner). It is important that if you decide to bring some type of food from the place of origin, it must comply with the regulations of the country of destination regarding the consumption of permitted foods. Also keep in mind that the supplies during the stages are exclusively liquid.