NOVEMBER 18th - 22th

Sports information

What are the dates of the race?

The competition will be held from November 19th to 22nd 2024 and will consist of 4 stages contested under these regulations. The scrutineering will take place on the morning of November 18th.

Will the route be marked?

The route of the stages of the race is not signposted, it will be necessary to follow the track provided by the organization.

The track is mandatory because navigation is not allowed, therefore, the use of GPS is mandatory.

How many km are the stages?

The four stages of the race have an average distance of about 100 km each, and there may be one stage of 70 km and others of up to 130 km.

When will I know the route?

The route for this edition, which takes place in the NEOM area, the kilometers and altimetry, as well as other possible novelties, will be presented a couple of months before the race.

The exact tracks are sent to the participants 7 days before the race.

How will the checkpoints be placed and how many will there be?

The step controls are placed depending on the route of each stage. Although with variations depending on the layout, there will be no more than 3 per stage.

How many hydration stations are there?

In the NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia, the aid stations are called Hydration stations.

In each stage there are a total of three Hydration Stations. The hydration stations will not be separated by more than 40 km.

In these there will be water and in two of them isotonic drink.

In addition, prior to departure, each participant receives 1.5 liters of water to fill their bottles and hydration backpacks.

What happens if I abandon a stage or reach the finish line outside the established maximum time?

All dropouts have the right to take part again in the start of the next stage (although they will not appear in the rankings under any circumstances). In the following stages you must complete the route within the established time, otherwise you will not be able to go out again and you must move with the organization from camp to camp.

No participant who has abandoned will be eligible for the general classification or any stage victory.

In the Titan Desert the refreshment points are called ‘hydration stations’.

On each stage there will be three Hydration Stations, two of them with cold drinks. Hydration stations will not be more than 40 kilometres apart.

They will have water, and two will have isotonic drinks.

The step controls are placed depending on the route of each stage. Although with variations depending on the layout, there will be no more than 3 per stage and their exact coordinates will be announced the day before.

What happens if I give up permanently?

In case of definitive abandonment, the organization will take care of the transfer of the participant to the different camps until the day of the return of the return charter flight.

Are there any specific regulations?

The NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia is governed by its own regulations which you can consult at the following LINK. It is important to read it before registering and to ask any questions you may have.

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