NOVEMBER 18th - 22th

Sporting rules

The NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia is a mountain biking (MTB) endurance and orientation race run as a Challenge, meaning that participants who finish outside the time limit or drop out of a stage no more than once can start the following stage but will no longer be eligible for the general classification or any other classification.

The competition will be held from November 19th to 22nd 2024 and consist of 4 stages held under these Rules and Regulations.

1. Route and distance





1ª Stage


Stage 1

— km

2ª Stage


Stage 2

— km

3ª Stage


Stage 3

— km

4ª Stage


Stage 4

— km

2. Participation

The NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia is open to runners over 18 years of age.

Participation may be made only in one of the following modalities:


By Teams – made up of 3 runners, who participate individually, and who can be of different categories and genders.

By Mixed Duo Teams – formed by a runner and a runner.

For a participation modality to take place, there must be a minimum of 3 registered participants/teams.

3. Categories

The categories of the male participants will be the following:

Under-25 Born in the years 1999 to 2006 (18 to 25 years old)

Elite Born in the years 1985 to 1998 (26 to 39 years old)

Master 40 Born in the years 1975 to 1984 (40 to 49 years old)

Master 50 Born in the years 1965 to 1974 (50 to 59 years old)

Master 60 Born in the years 1964 and earlier (60 years or older)

The categories of the female participants will be the following:

Elite – Born in the years 1985 to 2004 (18 to 39 years old)

Master – Born in the years 1984 and earlier (40 or more)

For a category to take place, there must be a minimum of 3 registered participants. If there are no such runners, if they are under-25 they will be considered elite, if they are master 40 they will be considered elite, if they are master 50 they will be considered master 40 and if they are master 60 they will be considered master 50.

Among the female participants, the masters will become elite.

4. Equipment

The organization provides each of the registered:

A bicycle plate, an identification bracelet, two numbers, the online regulation and the route in digital format (GPX).

A mandatory use geolocation system.

The approved rigid safety helmet is mandatory throughout the test.

It is mandatory to carry the plate in a visible place on the front of the bicycle. It is forbidden to modify the plate.

It is mandatory to have both bibs visible, one on the jersey and the other on the hydration pack.

Those runners who opt for a team classification in any of its modalities must wear a jersey with the same design.

It is mandatory to wear a thermal blanket for the duration of the race.

All participants must present themselves at the start with a water reserve of one and a half liters (1.5 L) that will be delivered by the organization.

The use of a GPS device is mandatory.

You can only wear the official leader’s jersey of the NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia, the leader of the event in both the men’s and women’s categories.

It will be possible to participate with those bicycles with two wheels of the same diameter, the front wheel being the guideline and the rear wheel the driving one; and driven by a pedal system that acts on a chain. The propulsion will be carried out exclusively by the strength of the runner’s legs, in a circular movement, with the help of a pedal bracket, and without electrical or any other assistance.

5. Conduct of the race

The 4-day test consists of 4 online raid-type stages. Participants must sleep in the places assigned by the organization.

The stages are marathon races (raid) with individual classification by times that accumulate to establish an individual general classification.

The GPS tracks that will be delivered to each runner include all the details of the stages with the description of the route, kilometer points, profile with altimetry indication, start and finish points and the waypoint start (WPS). Points will be given in degrees and decimal minutes format and DATUM WGS 84.

Participants must go through the fixed checkpoints (CP) and in the order established by the organization. Failure to pass any control entails a time penalty.

Passing through all the hydration stations (EH) in the order established by the organization is mandatory.

The neutralized and link zones, if any, must be done by bicycle and along the route indicated by the organization.

All participants must record the route they have taken on their GPS device, and it must be available to the organization until the next day’s departure.

The route is open to traffic. Therefore, the participants must follow the traffic regulations in the areas that exist, as well as circulate with caution in the inhabited areas.

The route of each stage is of obligatory follow-up.

6. Race Officials

The general director assumes the direction of the test:

JORDI AÑOLS – Logistic Director.

MANUEL TAJADA – Technical and sports director.

ÁLVARO VILCHES – Press officer.

MIQUEL ESTEVE – Relationship with participants and registration

7. Check Out

One hour before the scheduled departure time, the departure control opens.

Fifteen minutes before the scheduled departure time, the departure control will close.

Exit Drawers:

The first day will have reserved a space for runners with numbers from 1 to 25.

The rest of the stages will have two reserved spaces:

Drawer 1:
– Top 20.
– 3 first females.

Drawer 2:
– Other runners.

Participants who are out of the classification and wish to start must do so from the end of the starting box.

The start will be given at the time set by means of an acoustic signal, and from this moment the stopwatch will start for all the runners.

All runners must pass under the starting arch.

8. Hydration stations

The organization will provide water to all participants at the start (1.5 liters) and during the route of the stage (at least one supply every 30 km). The situation of the Hydration Stations will be announced the day before the stage.

Each runner must write their number on drums, food wrappers and other belongings with a permanent marker and in a highly visible way. Incorrectly disposing of these items will mean, once the offender has been identified by the organization through his bib number, on the first occasion, a warning reprimand. On the second occasion, a one-hour penalty will be applied in the general classification. On the third occasion, it will mean disqualification.

At the exit control, the organization will be able to verify that all the participants have their supplies correctly labeled.

Each EH will be recognized as a CP for the purposes of regulations, and the runners must pass through the cell enabled for control.

9. Stage finish and classifications

Stage classification.

Participants will be classified according to their order of passage through the finish line after verifying that they have completed the entire route correctly. This verification will be carried out with the electronic verification of the CP and EH. The lack of marking in a CP and EH has a time penalty.

Control closure and dropouts.

A time limit for arrival or closing of control is established, which is set according to the characteristics of each stage, and which is communicated in the daily briefing. Only the direction of the test can modify them in case of adverse weather conditions or another reason that justifies it.

In case of problems or repairs on the bike or in case of medical assistance and the participant completes the entire stage by their own means, they must do so within the maximum established time. The time invested in the repair or assistance will be included in the time of the stage and there will be no possibility of extension on the maximum time assigned.

Any runner who has been out of control or has abandoned the test and wishes to start in the next stage, may do so, as long as he has not been out of control or abandoned in previous stages; and will not score for the final general classification, nor will it be eligible for any other classification.

Team classification.

In order to be entitled to these classifications, all the team members must have covered all the stages. The classification of the teams in the stage will be obtained by adding the times invested by the three runners of each team, the best classified being the one with the least total time. In case of a tie, it will be resolved in favor of the team that has obtained the least points in the sum of the positions of said three riders. In case of a new tie, it will be resolved in favor of the team with the highest ranked rider in the stage. To establish the team classification, only teams formally registered and with three riders in the race are taken into account.

Mixed Duo Teams must complete the route together without there being more than 1 minute difference between them at the CP passage and at the finish line. Otherwise, they will be disqualified from their team classification, passing to the individual general classification with a 90-minute penalty.

10. General classifications and protocol

General individual classification by times.

The winner of this classification will be the runner who has completed the complete route of all the stages in the shortest time.

In the event that several runners have completed the same time, the one who the sum of their positions in the different stages is less will be considered the winner.

If the tie persists, it will be resolved in favor of the best ranked runner in the last stage.

In order to qualify for this classification, the runner must have classified in all the stages.

The members of the Mixed Duo teams will not be eligible for this classification.

General team classification.

The winner of this classification will be the team whose sum of the team times of each stage is the least. In the event of a tie in time between several teams, it will be resolved in favor of the team whose sum of the positions in each stage is the lowest.

If the tie persists, it will be resolved in favor of the best ranked team in the last stage.

Special classifications by categories.

For each of the Elite, Under-25, Master 40, Master 50, Master 60 and elite and master female categories, special general classifications are established, which are obtained taking into account the order of the individual general classification by time.


At the end of each stage, the organization will deliver a trophy and the leader’s jersey to the first classified in the individual general classification for both male and female times at the briefing that takes place at 8:00 p.m. in the place prepared for this purpose. The jersey must be worn in the following stage.

11. Technical Aspects

It is the responsibility of the runner to pass the control in the starting area and through the arch installed for this purpose.

Following the route proposed by the organization is mandatory.

The use of any unfair method to win time over other competitors is prohibited.

Only vehicles duly authorized by the organization can follow the test.

In order to maintain the safety of the participants and to maintain the spirit of adventure of the test, it is forbidden for any vehicle linked to any participant of the Test to circulate on the track during the development of the race, and ahead of the cars broom of this

The exchange of material during the test between the different participants in the race is allowed.

No outside material or technical assistance is allowed during the development of a stage.

Participants can be helped by mechanics, masseurs or physiotherapists, etc. from the end of one stage to the start of the next, but never during the stage.

All these assistants must be accredited by the organization, and may only carry out their duties in official hotels, official camps and authorized areas.

12. Penalties and appeals



Declassification at the stage

Expulsion from the test


Do not allow exit/

Do not allow continue in race


A.- Sanctions of a sporting nature

A.1.- External mechanical assistance during any stage



3 hours



A.2.- Mechanical or physiotherapy assistance after the marathon stage



3 hours



A.3.- Failure to cross the finish line



3 hours



A.4.- Failure to provide the organisation with the recording of the GPS device and/or failure to correctly save or delete the runner’s route.



3 hours



A.5.- Driving on unauthorised stretches of asphalt or road crossings



3 hours



A.6.- Do not go through a CP, EH, WPS o WPF



3 hours



Going off the route proposed by the organisation



3 hours



A7.- Do not go through two CP, EH, WPS o WPF.






A.8.- Not having gone through four CP o EH at the same stage






A.9.- Failure to pass signature control before departure



1 hours



A.10.- Failure to pass through control/exit arch



1 hours



B.- Sanctions for organisational, safety, security, participant behaviour or environmental reasons.

B.1.- Not wearing a helmet approved and/or modified by the participant.






B.2.- Riding without a helmet during the course of the stage






B.3.- Not sleeping in the places assigned by the organisation for one night.





(at the next day’s stage)


B.4.- Not to sleep in the places assigned by the organisation for more than one night.






B.5.- Failure to pass anti-doping control within 30′ after arrival of the runner






B.6.- Failure to wear the bibs or badges provided by the organisation



1 hours



B.7.- Covering advertising, cutting out or modifying bibs or badges provided by the organisation.



1 hours



B.8.- Failure to carry a corresponding water reserve






B.9.- Not wearing the leader’s jersey






B.10.- Wearing the leader’s jersey without being a leader






B  .- Failure to wear appropriate equipment for the event (jersey with sleeves, bib shorts, etc.).






B.11.- Violent or disrespectful behaviour towards other riders, officials, the public or members of the organisation.






B.- Improper disposal of food or beverage packaging



1ª time: warning

2ª time:

1 hours



B .- Use any kind of communication between participants or with the outside world during the course of the stage.






* For those infractions or conduct contrary to the normal development of the competition, the organisation or technical jury may impose a sanction which may be in time, economic or expulsion from the competition, which will be proportional to the infraction committed and damage caused.


Against the decisions of the organisation and/or official classifications, complaints can be made in writing up to 30 minutes after the infraction has been communicated or after the publication of the official classification, in the participants’ relations shop. A deposit of 100 Euros must be paid, which will be returned if the complaint is successful.

13. Doping test

All participants in this test may be subjected to a doping control test.

It will be the obligation of the runners to know if they have to pass said control, therefore at the time of their arrival they must review the list of bibs that must pass the anti-doping control, which will be indicated on the panel located in the store in relation to the participant.

They will have 30 minutes from their arrival to pass this control.

In the last stage they must pass the anti-doping control:

The absolute winner.

The absolute winner.

A runner chosen by the organization, whose number will be indicated on the panel located in the participant relationship service.

14. Prize list and protocol

At the end of the last stage, a Briefing will be held with all the participants, in which all the protocol acts will be carried out, to which the first three classified of the individual general for both male and female times and the first three of the rest of the classifications by categories and by teams, with their regulation sports clothing.


The first absolute male, female and U-25 classified receives:


The first, second and third classified of all categories receive:


The first, second and third classified of the Team and Mixed Duo classification receive:


15. Considerations

All participants must be respectful of other participants, members of the organization, the media and the public.

The organization reserves the right to alter or modify these regulations at any time.

Registration in the NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia implies acceptance of these regulations.