NOVEMBER 19th - 22th

Enrique Morcillo

Morcillo and Ródenas win the NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia

He started in red on the first day and finished in red on the last day. Enrique Morcillo, one of the great favourites to win the NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia, has made good the predictions and has won the men’s GC. This is the third participation of the Ibizan in Titan World Series events, after his two […]


Nearly 300 kilometres of desert, 2,000 metres of cumulative elevation gain, canyons, dry rivers and mountains. After three stages of the NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia, the only way to decide who leads the men’s GC is by the rules. And there, the tie-break criterion determines that Haimar Zubeldia will wear the red jersey tomorrow. Because Enrique Morcillo and Zubeldia […]

Ródenas triumphs at NEOM

Ariadna Ródenas knew she was up against the biggest challenge she has ever faced in a Titan World Series event. She won the Škoda Titan Desert Morocco 2021 and is the reigning champion of the NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia. This time, the challenge was to beat Tessa Kortekaas, the cyclist who had won 9 of the […]

Morcillo and Kortekaas strike first

It should come as no surprise that Enrique Morcillo is the current leader of the NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia 2023. The rider from Ibiza has been one of the strongest men throughout the year and his name was among the favourites for the men’s GC. Perhaps the way in which he has done it is surprising. […]

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