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2024 edition route announced


The NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia 2024 has announced its route. The race will celebrate its fourth edition between November 18th and 22nd in the remote and incredible region of NEOM, in Saudi Arabia. Over 380 kilometers and almost 3,000 meters of cumulative positive elevation gain in one of the most spectacular adventures in the world.

The great novelty of the race is the prologue that will be ridden the day before the start of the four regular stages. An opportunity for all Titans to warm up their legs, ride a few kilometers and familiarize themselves with the terrain.

The 12-kilometer prologue will also serve two purposes: to decide the starting order for the next day’s stage and to award the first GC time bonuses to the riders who complete the course in the shortest time.

From there, the race returns to its essence: four stages, all of them in a loop around the Titan Mountain Camp, the incredible camp where the whole peloton will stay.


On the first day, the Titans will face an 84-kilometer route, very similar to the inaugural stage of 2023, but in the opposite direction. A faster first section, through large plains, to finish in a sandier area until the finish line.

The second stage will be tough and very technical. It is the longest, with a total of 107 kilometers, and the only one that exceeds 1,000 meters of cumulative positive elevation gain. Soft, rocky and faster terrain towards the end. The great challenge of this NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia.

And on the third day comes the highlight of this edition. A stage that was the favorite of the peloton in the 2023 edition and that this year remains with very few changes. 90 kilometers of desert, canyons, dune passes and endless unimaginable landscapes. Queen stage in terms of beauty and experience.

Finally, the fourth day will mark the end of the race. A completely new stage that, in its route, will cross a nature reserve where animals live together in large extensions of land. A different way to enjoy cycling and to be able to ride where no one has ever ridden before

This is the NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia 2024. A race that combines sporting challenge, adventure, spectacular beauty and a first class infrastructure, with a camp that is hard to believe for its services and its marvelous location.

From November 18th to 22nd, 200 Titans will be able to experience a mountain bike race like they have never experienced before.

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