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Official route revealed


The NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia is getting closer and closer. On Tuesday, December 6th, the last race of the year of the Titan World Series universe in 2022 will start. A dazzling, exciting, demanding and surprising race. More than 400 kilometres of route, over four stages, which will be run entirely in the enigmatic and spectacular landscapes of NEOM.

In addition to the usual adventure of a Titan Desert race, with its kilometres of desert, its unique coexistence in the camp and that indescribable Titan spirit, there will also be the discovery of NEOM.

This is precisely where the 200 riders in the peloton will start. NEOM a place of natural beauty a within an environment of contrasts: canyons, sand, mountains and coast next to the Red Sea. All of this in four stages that will exceed 100 kilometres on average each day.

“All of our adventures aim to be unique, and we believe that this time we have truly achieved that,” explained Jesús García, Titan World Series CEO. “We are going to ride where no one has ridden before, in an environment that will leave the participants with their mouths wide open and hand in hand with a project such as NEOM, revolutionary and ahead of its time. It’s going to be an unparalleled experience“, he said.

The NEOM Titan Desert will also mark the end of the NEOM Beach Games. An event that began in October and which has hosted five competitions in five totally different disciplines: kitesurfing, beach football, 3×3 basketball, triathlon and, of course, mountain biking.


On December 6th, the race will start with a stage that will depart from the NEOM Beach Games Athlete Village and will finish at the Titan Camp where the Titans will stay for several days. It will be a day that will run alongside the Red Sea and where the wind may play a key role.

A loop stage around the Titan Camp, the route goes deeper into the Saudi desert. In the interior of the peninsula, the first mountainous challenges will begin: a short but steep climb, which will serve as a turning point for the peloton and will open up the first GC gaps.

Toughness that will be increased in the third stage. Once again, starting and finishing at the Titan Camp, its 139 kilometres will make it the fourth longest stage in the 16-year history of the Titan Desert. It will undoubtedly be the queen stage, with more than 1,000 metres of elevation gain.

On December 9th, the NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia will finish. 76 kilometres back from the Titan Camp will see the riders return to the NEOM Athletes Village. It will not be a day of relaxation and the main difficulty will be following the track at the difficult areas, which may penalise inexperienced riders.

This is the NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia. The last race of the year 2022 for the Titans. An adventure that none of them will forget and that will leave images that fans can’t even imagine.

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