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Interview Moroj Adil, professional Saudi cycling


“You cannot imagine the transformation that occurred within me after Titan, and how many doors have opened for me”

To talk about Moroj Adil is to talk about one of the most promising young female riders in Saudi cycling. After take part last November in the NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia, his professional career has seen an increase which it is not prepared to waste. We talked to her about the Titan race and her future.

You are part of a professional development team, what are your aspirations?

Being with a pro team and supported by experts had definitely made my aspirations higher than before, I’m looking forward to be an official rider in the team and start to race in the world tour races and big cycling events such as Paris–Roubaix, Crankworx Cairns ,Tour De France Femme, and Vuelta a España as a first step, then moving to the next step, which is stand on the podium of these races. Moreover, the extraordinary experience that I am going through, made me look forward to establish a racing academy after couple of years, specialized in develop and train young athletes by the supervision of professional specialists. I really hope we have a rising generation of professional athletes.

What has it meant to run in your country, last November in the NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia?

I still remember how amazed I was the moment I arrived at the starting point of the NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia race. Seeing people from all around the world and different nationalities on my homeland, gathered to participate in a sporting event!

This means that my country has taken a big step in the world of sports, offering more opportunities and more competitions. It made me understand that this is our chance to share our culture with the world and demonstrate our ability to compete in various fields.

I realized that it’s not impossible for me to compete in international races as long as I am competing alongside world champions, even though I am at the beginning of my journey. I also realized how eager I am to win and how strong and resilient I am when it comes to my athletic performance.

What was the most surprised about the NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia?

All I can say is that the NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia race is an incredible and exceptional experience in every aspect. From the moment I arrived at the race camp until the very last moment of my departure, it was a well-organized event with a cooperative team and a fantastic atmosphere, accompanied by athletes from different countries. What could be more wonderful than that?

Have you ever participated in a stage race before?

No I haven’t race in a stage race before, this Titan was my first experience ever. I’m really grateful for this event! After NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia, I feel everything becomes easy, or as they say in Spain “tómalo con calma” I have endured all difficult circumstances and hard times. Literally every hard moment or race I’ve been through after Titan I keep reminding myself how Titan was tough, and how strong am I.

What would you highlight about the racecourse?

Of course, the strong and intense winds in the first stage cannot be forgotten, right? Additionally, the diverse and natural landscapes of Neom made each stage enjoyable and unique. The sand dunes and the enchanting coastline with its pure colours and white sands were breathtaking.

Furthermore, the challenging heights and steep slopes provided enough adrenaline to push through and complete the race. Finally, I am grateful for this wonderful experience and eagerly look forward to participating in the next edition of the Neom Titan Desert race. You cannot imagine the transformation that occurred within me after this race and how many doors have opened for me. It was a stepping stone towards better opportunities, and today, I am preparing myself to compete in the UCI Mountain Bike Eliminator World Cup which will be held in Paris next September. Truly extend my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to everyone who supported me in this race, especially my first pillar of support and the source of my strength, my family. I am also grateful to Mr. Bandar Al Shafie from LTM agency and Mr. Haider Al-Issa from the Saudi Cycling Federation, in addition to the Go Bike and Bikes For All Shops, and for sure my team Jayco AlUla, which has worked diligently over the past months, has been instrumental in my development and has supported me in achieving my goals for the upcoming period.

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