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Lluís Mas


Any fan of road cycling knows Lluís Mas. A selfless, hard-working, classy cyclist who has worn the jersey of three of the most important Spanish teams of the last two decades: Burgos BH, Caja Rural – Seguros RGA and his current team, Movistar Team.
 At 34 years of age, this veteran rider could decide to retire without further ado. He has a more than worthy track record and has been on a bike for almost two decades. He himself admits: “I’ve achieved everything I set out to do when I started cycling. I’ve been in the Spanish national team, I’ve ridden in World Championships and I’ve won races”. And yet, something drives him on.

“My motivation is still that non-conformism. The hunger to keep trying new things, to get on a mountain bike, to learn and improve, to look at those who know more than me about this discipline”, explains the Mallorcan.

And what is the NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia if not a home full of non-conformists? Of people with the desire to continue exploring and to measure themselves where no one else has ever done so before. That is why Lluís Mas, although he is not a professional biker like those around him in the peloton, is, from minute one and in his own right, a Titan.

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