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NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia 2023: 400 kilometres of undiscovered terrain


NEOM is a unique terrain, with a myriad of breathtaking landscapes and natural formations. The opportunity to ride a mountain bike through this territory is an experience that is only available through the NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia.

If in 2022 the protagonist was the Red Sea and the kilometres of desert at sea level, in 2023 there will be a change of scenery. A route of four stages, almost 400 kilometres, with acumulative altitude gain of 5,000 metres and with the Titan Mountain Camp, located at an altitude of 1,100 metres, as the epicentre of the race.

But if one word defines the NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia 2023, it is canyons. The rock formations, the result of millennia of wind erosion, draw dream images, narrow streets and a labyrinth of ochre and earth colours. It is a marvel to behold and a privilege to explore by bicycle.

All of this awaits the more than 200 participants who will start the race on November 14th.


The first stage is the longest, over 110 kilometres. The terrain is rocky, twisty and will demand a lot of effort from the titans. It will be a day of two very different parts, with a more rolling first section and a more complex and technical second section.

In a new loop around the bivouac, the second stage is shorter, at around 80 kilometres. But that does not make it any less difficult. The second stage is the steepest of the entire race, with almost all of the accumulated altitude gain after the halfway point of the stage.

And on the third day comes the queen stage, at least in terms of the beauty of the terrain. The Titans will take their bikes through sandy canyons, dry riverbeds and then across long plains. A stage of contrasts, almost 100 kilometres and 1,200 metres of elevation gain. A day not to be forgotten.

The final stage will be familiar to the Titans who will be repeating the race from the 2022 edition. Some 70 kilometres along the Red Sea, before returning to the Athlete Village that welcomed them on the first day. Very similar to the one that ended last year’s edition.

Almost 400 kilometres of spectacular and unknown terrain. An unprecedented challenge for the Titans who will be taking the start. This is the NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia 2023.

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