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Bill Ainley


There are times when there is a match made in heaven between a race and a rider. It seems like a little puzzle where all the pieces come together and the right rider arrives at a challenge that has been created for him.

Bill Ainley works in the NEOM media department. Australian by birth, although perhaps it would be better to say he is a biker by birth: “I have a mountainbike, a fatbike and a gravel bike. Basically anything that can go in the dirt.

Interestingly, despite having worked in the Arabian Peninsula for years, he almost knew about the NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia before he knew about the NEOM project: “My friends and I couldn’t join last year, it was too late. What was specially interesting for me about the Titan Desert is that there is not much in the area like this kind of challenges.

As a great first-hand connoisseur of what the territory has to offer, Bill is clear that NEOM is an unmissable destination for bikers from all over the world: “What has attracted me most to NEOM is that it’s untouched territory. There is always an adventure to be found. The outdoor life is incredible: the landscapes and the environment. NEOM is the perfect place for mountain biking.

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