NOVEMBER 19th - 22th

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NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia 2023: from the heights to the Red Sea


One of the great advantages of holding a race in an unknown territory is that every year it allows you to surprise. The NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia 2023 reinvents itself to offer an experience never seen before and the chance to ride where no one has ridden before.

An adventure like no other, consisting of four stages with a unique and defined personality. An event that also has an operations centre, the Titan Mountain Camp, with an infrastructure and comfort not seen in any other mountain bike race in the world.

The more than 200 participants who will start the race on November 14th will do so from this spectacular camp, located on a high plateau at an altitude of 1,100 metres above sea level.

Unlike last year’s edition, the first few days will be spent at this characteristic altitude. Days of ascent and descent, others more of pure desert and the passes through the traditional canyons of the territory. NEOM will be shown in all its exuberance with a terrain full of contrasts.

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An average of 100 kilometres each day, and a queen stage, at least in terms of beauty, on the third day. Sandbanks, dry riverbeds and those almost magical shapes carved by the wind over thousands and thousands of years.

This is the NEOM Titan Desert Saudi Arabia 2023. An undiscovered terrain, an incredible race for those who have never been there and an opportunity to ride, for yet another year, on tracks that no mountain bike has ever ridden on before.

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